Forget the “five pounds you won’t notice being replaced with a dog in the wedding photo” – these enthusiasts really took note, putting their names, bodies, careers and marriages on the line just for the sake of betting . Now this is the dedication.

Bet on your wife

Forget the generic “It’s not you, it’s me” – nothing says I want a divorce, like your wife’s bet on a poker game. Andrei Karpov found it the hardest way when he resorted to really desperate measures in a game against Sergey Brodov and put his wife Tatiana in the game. He lost the game… And his wife . It seems that Tatiana was actually the big winner, because after she divorced Karpov, she married Brodov and says that she is very happy with him, despite the fact that he won it at a poker game. You can try a poker game at mmc996

New pair of breasts for Brian

Having breast implants seems quite common these days, so normally this would not upset anyone. In 1996, he took another bet from a friend that he would receive breast implants and keep them for a year. Never giving up on a bet, Zembic received 16C implants. He was supposed to keep them for only a year, but 20 years later he has them and only now is he starting to worry about leaving.

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Just tease or get tired

Some players bet and lose their wives against their poker opponents, while others just throw them over a lost bet. A family that plays together stays together. True? Well, that depends on the tension you use to set your sports bets. When the Greenbay Packers and Chicago Bears were set to face off in 2013, the pair, supporting various teams, decided to place an interesting bet on the game – they agreed that the winning team fan would end up electrocuting with a Taser the losing team fan. Nicole was a fan of the losing team, and although she didn’t think her husband would electrocute her, he had no intention of giving up the bet.

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All or nothing

In 2004, Ashley Revell, a 32-year-old professional player from Kent, took “everything in” to a whole new level when she sold everything she owned and packed her bags for Vegas. He bet $ 136,000 – all he had – on red at the roulette table . The ball landed on red 7 and doubled his money. “I am not married and I do not have children. It was my last chance to go crazy, “said Revell.

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