If the thought of heading to a basement to play casino games would be weird to you, how good would you be to venture into a casino in an underground cave! The city was founded in 1915, when miners discovered opal. However, given the extreme temperatures, which often exceed 40 degrees Celsius in the shade, the new inhabitants created “excavations”, where they would place themselves in caves and build their houses underground . Coober Pedy is known today as the opal capital of the world and about 60% of its inhabitants live underground. Guests can experience life-threatening living at the Desert Cave Hotel , where 19 of the 50 rooms are below ground level. You can escape the heat to play slots (or pokies as they are known down there) in the underground casino. You can also relax in the underground bar and pick up some of the opal from which the area of ​​the underground shopping arcade is famous.

The haunted casino

At first glance, Bally’s may look like a typical Las Vegas casino, nothing unusual to see – there. However, it is the fund of this casino that guarantees its place on this list. The complex was formerly known as the MGM Grand Hotel , and in November 1980, the worst disaster in Nevada history occurred in the form of the MGM. The Great Fire devastated the building. Tragically, more than 80 people were killed. The property was later sold and renamed Bally, and the hotel still includes part of the original tower where the fire broke out. Bally has a reputation for being haunted. Numerous guests and staff described the frightening appearances . There were stories about ghosts that appeared on the stairs and in the hallways. Others described hearing strange noises and noticing that the furniture moved inexplicably through the rooms.

The casino built on a pond

When it comes to weird locations for a casino, Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Illinois can be an obvious choice given its convenient location just minutes from downtown Chicago and O’Hare International Airport . However, what is unusual about the location of this casino is that it is built on a pond, or more precisely, in a shallow water pit. Established in 2011, the water-based location has been a creative way for the operator to circumvent the state’s gambling laws, which only allow boat casinos. There are also over 50 board games available . Casino Rivers has 7 bars and restaurants, serving a diverse selection of cocktails, craft beers and fresh food.

The casino in a taxi

Although there are a lot of exclusive operators that have the title of the smallest casino in the world , it can not be smaller than a casino in a black taxi. However, Grosvenor Casino did just that, with a great casino in a taxi. The London cabin has been customized to include a games table and a dealer . TVs displaying sporting events and internet gambling options, as well as a bar, were also featured. At launch, the casino’s sales and marketing director announced that the booth could be greeted and passengers could be taken free of charge to the casino’s Hill Street branch. After the launch of the Birmingham casino booth, the vehicle continued to visit other major cities in the UK .

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